About Us

Hello Everyone! I am a 16 year old Photographer from Peterborough. I have been doing photography for over 3 years and I love the thought of capturing important moments in people’s life’s. There are many photographers I know and have worked with, I have been taught a couple things about how a camera works.

So I have set a goal of mine to put these words of wisdom to good use, by doing so I have started this site to show my talents to the customers that are willing to fund my journey. I take photos for events, companies, families, pets and many more. In these coming years I hope to gain more experience with working on this big blue planet and meeting many people and capturing there key moments in there lives instead of mine. In my eyes my journey is only just getting started and by what I have already captured I can see that the years ahead are going to be very eventful.

I am inspired by the likes of Chris Burkard, Ben Brown and a bunch more, for I am on a journey just like them of freezing moments in time to hold on to for years on end. For more clarification on what I do please take a look at my portfolio or photoshoot pricing, I also sell prints if you are interested...